Marketing Your Business Online

Marketing Your Business Online

Four Signs You Need to Hire a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

Gina Oliver

Starting a business can be really exciting, but advertising and marketing can be really difficult. This article explains four signs that you'd benefit from hiring a full-service digital marketing agency for your new business.

Nobody's Interacting with Your Social Media Posts

Do you post regularly on social media, and yet it feels like nobody is commenting on your posts? It's not your fault — social media is complicated. Each social media site also has a different way of determining who sees your posts, and it can be really hard to grow a following. A digital marketing agency can create posts that really promote your business and help people to find them.

Your Website Has No Visitors

Creating a website is difficult, and it can be sad to see that it has very few visitors. A full-service digital marketing agency will be able to make sure your website looks as good as it possibly can and use lots of SEO skills and tricks to make sure people can find it. Hiring an agency to deal with your website can take a weight off your mind, especially if you're not tech-savvy.

Visitors to Your Page Don't Follow Through

Maybe your social media profiles and website do get a lot of visitors, but it doesn't seem to be converting into sales and new clients. Your agency will be able to take a look at your stats and how often people click through to see what you have to offer and then make changes to your online branding to get people interested. Whether you need to promote your online store more often or feature more testimonials, they'll figure out how to turn people from passive viewers into customers.

You Don't Have Time for the Work You Enjoy

You probably started a business because you were passionate about something, whether that's knitting blankets, making candles, or helping people to get fit. Spending hours learning about SEO, making Instagram graphics, and updating your site can really take time away from the stuff you really love doing. If you don't enjoy digital marketing or don't feel like you have time for it, hiring an agency to deal with it will be ideal for you.

Whether you want to grow your business' presence on social media or simply want to spend less time marketing, hiring a marketing agency is a great way to save yourself time and get more eyes on your business.


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